COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

This is a living document that will be changing and frequently updated based on recommendations from state and local governments. At any point, these guidelines will be adjusted based on state and local regulations and mandates.

Safe-practice guidelines will be met per the State of Illinois procedure Phase 4:

  1. Groups of players and coaches (excluding participants) can not exceed 50

  2. Per state guidelines, when social distancing can not be ensured, masks are required. It is up to the parent’s discretion if they choose their child to wear a mask during practice, games, or meets (subject to tournaments, game, or meet specific guidelines)

  3. Coaches will need to log attendance to assist in contact tracing if need be

  4. Each team is to have their own bottle of sanitizer and/or wipes for cleaning shared equipment and player hands

  5. Food is not permitted during practice, games, or meets, including candy, chewing gum and/or sunflower seeds by any players or coaches

  6. Spectators should follow 6 inch social distancing guidelines:

  7. When social distancing can not be ensured, masks are required. It is up to spectator discretion to wear a mask

  8. If a player chooses to wear PPE while practicing or competing, they may do so as long as it does not compromise the safety of themselves or of other players

  9. At any point, before, during, or after practices, games, or meets, Coaches can be asked about the health and feeling of their team.

  10. Coaches do not have to take players’ temperatures at practices, games, or meets, but they need to assure everyone is feeling well and healthy to practice and/or play

  11. It is the parent/guardians’ responsibility to keep their child home and not participate if their child has recently exhibited any recent sickness or symptoms of sickness

  12. In the event that a child does become diagnosed with COVID-19, the team Head Coach must be informed immediately

  13. Contact tracing will begin and a fourteen day mandatory suspension of all practice, games, and meets will take effect

  14. Per the waiver signed by each family to participate, in the event a COVID outbreak forces an early end to the season, there will not be partial refunds issued

  15. All local & state health official guidelines must be followed for any activity to take place

  16. Players should limit any sharing of playing equipment, bats, gloves, fielder’s mask, catcher’s gear, or helmets

  17. In the event team equipment is shared, it will be sanitized prior to use

  18. Hand sanitizer/Cleaning Solution, will be available for participant’s hands and for sterilizing equipment practices, games, and meets

  19. Coaches should help to educate players on the hygiene/handwashing/touching of the face suggested guidelines

  20. Parents should have backup supplies on-hand or in the player’s equipment bag for use when needed and their own marked water bottle or sports drink

  21. Royals Elite Athletics will review new procedures with all Coaches prior to and throughout the team's respective seasons

Royals Elite Athletics President is Jarrell Williams. If at any time you, as a parent, would like to notify him of any issues or discrepancies to these or any CDC safety protocols, please reach out to him for a prompt response at or

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