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The Student Athletics Foundation (SAF) is the 501(c)(3) parent organization of the Royals Elite Athletics. SAF's mission is to unify student-athletes by providing an elite level of educational and athletic opportunities that will ensure student-athletes are having a world-class experience. SAF is grounded in the belief that by providing world-class experiences through educational and athletic programming, and forming strategic partnerships, will allow student-athletes to lead on a path to adulthood with a sense of pride and promise on and off the field


Honest Game is a first to market SaaS platform for high school staff, club sports, parents/guardians and student athletes to track the complex NCAA and NAIA academic eligibility requirements to play college sports. Honest Game technology transforms any high school transcript into a uniform college athletic compliance ready report, allowing high school students, parents, counselors, club teams and coaches to work together to plan a clear path to academic eligibility.

Top Notch Athletes

Top Notch Athletes connects Players, Club Teams, and Colleges all on one platform. We make it easy for players and coaches from every level to connect and relay information like Tryouts-Friendlies, and Tournaments.

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