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Royals Elite Athletics

Elite Athletics, formerly known as South Suburban Royals, is an organization that began to take root in August 2017. What started off as a vision for Co-Founders Angela Williams and Jarrell Williams, is now a reality. Angela Williams, a former softball student-athlete of Northern Illinois University (2013-2015) and Reinhardt University (2015-2017) began her softball career at 7 years old. She’s a 2013 graduate of Homewood-Flossmoor High School. Jarrell Williams, a former football student-athlete of Northwestern University (2011-2015) and graduate student-athlete of University of St Francis (2017-2018) began his football career at 7 years old. He’s a 2011 graduate of Harold L. Richards High School.


Both Southside natives grew to do what many kids dream of doing by playing their respective sport at the collegiate level. With their experience came the idea of forming an organization that would allow them to stay active in their communities and help develop student-athletes to have the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level as they did. Thus, the Royals organization was born. 

They are devoted to providing student-athletes with a club organization that will prepare student-athletes for life on and off the field. While lessons come in many forms, one of the most important lessons the Royals organization provides its student-athletes is that education and athletics go hand-in-hand. A lesson unto which student-athletes will need to understand before embarking on their life journey. Understanding the importance of the term “student-athlete,” among other important lessons involving teamwork, effort, execution, discipline, and resilience, are lessons that will drive the Royals organization and its student-athletes to higher levels as the organization grows.

The Royals program offers student-athletes and their families with a world class service through mentorship, education, exposure, and a competitive atmosphere. Looking ahead, Angela and Jarrell will continue to promote their mission and grow the Royals organization to include other sports. Their goal is to create an elite travel/club sports organization that will develop and enhance the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana area student-athletes mentally, educationally, socially, and athletically.


General Philosophy:

The philosophy of the Royals is based on the principle that education and athletics are not separate, but coincide with one another. One cannot exist without the other if an individual decides to further their athletic career into college or being able to perform in the workforce. The Royals personnel, affiliate partners, and volunteers will provide a comprehensive balance to the individual and the team. We will succeed by upholding to our fundamental core values that promote positive aspects of Solidarity, Effort, Execution, and Discipline. Within these core values lies the true intentions of the Royals shaping student-athletes into well-rounded individuals who will be able to succeed on and off the field. The Royals also promote other positive core aspects such as Attitude, Trust, Character, Integrity, Family, Respect, and Resilience. 


Personal Development:

Our philosophy in coaching/mentoring extends beyond the basic concepts of the student-athlete. We are preparing the student-athlete for life on and off the field. Understanding the balance of education and the learning tools of athletics are used as preparation techniques that a student-athlete will need in their future endeavors. In general, being involved in team sports presents life skills that cannot solely be learned in the classroom. Instead, the combination of the student and the athlete immerses the student-athlete in an interactive environment that brings about structure. Our student-athletes will realize that we not only have athletic coaches, but life coaches, mentors, and a support system dedicated to their personal growth.


Student-Athlete Development:

We are devoted to increase the understanding of each student-athlete’s knowledge. Most of this will come during their participation in the programs we offer such as practice, games, workouts, training sessions, and other team activities. Student-athletes who embrace our culture will pick up these concepts and will be rewarded and develop a sense of self-fulfillment. Our goal is to provide the foundation for the student-athletes that will allow them to prosper. At the higher levels of competition, such as collegiate athletics, student-athletes do not play the same number of minutes. The student-athletes that perform well in school and plays the most consistently in the eyes of the coaches, will play more minutes. Playing time is never guaranteed and each student-athlete is required to participate in all activities.

"Growth never stops, opportunity never waivers, success is a process, and greatness is a choice."

-Jarrell Williams-



"I chose to start the South Suburban Royals Softball program out of an area where softball is not a big thing because there's no greater feeling than seeing this game steal another young girl's heart"

-Angela Roberts-

Co-Founder/Softball Director

"The difference between those who succeed and fail: Not taking advantage of opportunities"

​-Dr. Eric Thomas-

 Motivational Speaker/Life Coach



Contact Us

We welcome the opportunity for any student-athlete, parent, or coach to determine if our Family is right for you. For more information, please contact us:

-Jarrell Williams-

(630) 240-9272

-Angela Roberts-
Co-Founder/Softball Director

(708) 250-5399